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Teshekpuk Lake

Teshekpuk Lake
Teshekpuk Lake area - North Slope

Bristol Bay photo by Erin McKittrick
Bristol Bay. © Erin McKittrick

Rainforest image taken by Chris Hunt
Alaska Rainforest. © Chris Hunt

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released a draft Supplemental EIS (SEIS) to try to address findings of a federal district court, which blocked a proposed lease sale in the Teshekpuk Lake area last September. While this SEIS does not contain a “preferred alternative,” the alternatives are unchanged from those contained in previous documents, and it seems clear from the purpose section and the comments of BLM officials that it is the intent to hold another oil and gas lease sale in the Teshekpuk Lake area as early as next summer or fall. Read more ...

Bristol Bay

A Canadian mining corporation wants to create one of North America’s largest open pit gold-copper mines, the proposed Pebble Mine, within a much larger potential mining district in the headwaters of Bristol Bay. Read more ...


Chugach National Forest

The Chugach faces extensive pressures including wide-ranging helicopter skiing, snowmobiling, and all-terrain vehicle use. Read more ...

Tongass National Forest

The Tongass National Forest faces a range of serious and urgent threats including large-scale clearcut logging of old growth, land transfers and industrial-scale tourism. Read more ...

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