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Do you support the Pebble Mine project?

You might, even if you don’t realize it.

The major companies in the Pebble Mine project are Northern Dynasty (NAK), Anglo-American (AAUK) and Rio Tinto (RTP). If you hold any of these mutual funds in your portfolio, you could be passively supporting the Pebble Mine.

Click HERE for the latest listing (Sept. 28, 2008) of mutual funds which hold stock in these mining companies.

Disclaimer: Funds buy and sell assets often, so it’s important to have your advisor double check. This information will be updated periodically on this Web page. This type of investing is known as socially responsible investing” and is gaining publicity and momentum. Simply ask your investment professional if there are other funds with similar (or better!) returns which do not hold stocks in the Pebble project partners.

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"Wild Heritage" article in Sporting Classics

By Todd Tanner

In case you haven’t heard, we’re getting ready to trade part of the pristine wilderness that sits atop Lake Iliamna, one of North America’s most important angling destinations, for a pile of gold and copper. And if, in our shortsightedness and greed, the Pebble Mine happens to destroy what may well be the finest wild trout and salmon fishery on the planet . . .

Read Todd Tanner's complete article from the January 2008 issue of Sporting Classics (PDF file size 298k).

From Sporting Classics Magazine, Jan. 2008 Wild Heritage article from Sporting Classics, Jan. 2008
Click image to view entire article.

Thank you to Sporting Classics for allowing us to post this article.
Visit their Web site at

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U.S. House Passes Favorable Tongass Amendment

On June 26, 2007 the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed an amendment which helps protect the remaining road-free watersheds of the Tongass National Forest. These habitats support healthy populations of fish and game as well as the region’s commercial fishing industry and a growing outdoor recreation industry which includes sport fishing and hunting. The ad shown below, sponsored by the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska and Wildlife Forever, ran in Congress Daily to show support from sportspersons for the amendment.

Tongass Ad
Click image to view full size ad.

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